WeFitter provides business with platform for rewarding employees for exercising

WeFitterSpanish startup WeFitter is a platform to allow businesses to offer rewards for exercising. It works by taking information from whatever fitness app the end-user prefers (it must be integrated with WeFitter’s platform) and assigning points to that individual for burning calories, doing exercises, and completing challenges, which can then be converted into rewards. There is also a leaderboard for the company, which ostensibly provides an extra bit of motivation to end-users. The idea is for businesses to use it to motivate their employees to become and remain active, but WeFitter also targets companies in the hospitality sector, who many want to offer access to their guests. WeFitter says that their service is compatible with 12 fitness apps.

WeFitter has monetized the platform by charging companies a fee, depending on how many end-users they have. For example, the startup says that they might charge 1.5 Euro per person to a company that expects to have 1,000 employees use the service.

This Barcelona-based startup launched back in 2014 and currently claims more than 15,000 users. They are participating in the acceleration program at Health-U and co-founder Carlos Rodes tells me that they picked up 260,000 Euro from Wellness Holding in a recent seed round. Wellness Holding is a leading investor in Technogym, a major manufacturer of fitness equipment, which provides WeFitter an opportunity to develop their platform for Technogym’s products. With that money, which is their first external financing, they are planning to build out their team, continue to develop partnerships, publish apps for Android and iOS, roll out a new UX, update their API, and so forth.

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