LuckyTrip offers up packages for more adventurous travelers

luckytripThere may be plenty of services on the market that can help travelers get from point A to point B, but for those looking for a little spontaneity in their life, London-based service LuckyTrip is a neat option that recently launched.

The concept behind LuckyTrip is pretty simple, in that users figure out their budget for a trip and then click a button to reveal a handpicked trip to one of 300 cities at that price. LuckyTrip has partnered with services like Skyscanner,, and TripAdvisor in order to find the cheapest accommodations. And the concept and execution of the idea appear to have won public approval, as the LuckyTrip app currently maintains a 5 (out of 5) star rating from 17 reviewers in the AppStore, with several users leaving similarly glowing comments.

LuckyTrip’s app, currently available exclusively for iOS (although a version of the service for Android/tablets is “in the works”), is free to download and use, as they have opted instead to monetize the service by taking a commission from their partners with each trip booked. The service is currently only open to users in the United Kingdom, but they intend to expand to additional countries next year.

LuckyTrip was founded in July 2014 and the founding team more than 150+ hours of collaboration with potential users to nail down the concept and design. That December, they put together a team to actually begin building the service and then went live this August. Co-founder Tiff Burns, who created the business with his brother Alex, tells me that they cannot reveal how many users they have at this point, but did reveal that being featured in TechCrunch and the Product Hunt top 10 did a great deal to generate buzz around the site. They have also declined to provide details regarding their funding situation at this point. 

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