Linkfire provides tools to music promoters

linkfireWith a plethora of music-streaming services out there, promoters run the risk of ignoring a certain audience when, on behalf of an artist, they send out a link to that artist’s latest album on  iTunes or another platform. Danish startup Linkfire, which launched last September, believes that they have a solution for the issue with a service that allows promoters to use links that will intelligently direct the customer to their preferred platform on their preferred device.

The tool developed by Linkfire is primarily designed to help music-promoters operate more efficiently, making sure that they reach all potential customers, regardless of their preferred platform for finding tunes (Deezer, Spotify, Google Music, YouTube, and dozens more). And it also enables them to target certain audiences, creating links that will be accessible from certain countries at certain times and on certain devices or streaming-platforms. But it also offers data that marketers covet, including information on conversion rates, the streaming services that they favor, and who (which country) is spending what within those services. Linkfire’s concept has hardly gone unnoticed, as they report having signed partnerships with Universal Music Group, Warner Music, and Sony Music, which is part of the reason that the startup has already managed to attract users in more than 60 countries.

Funding Linkfire is $2.6 million, which they recently obtained from Northcap ($2.3 million) and a group of angels. The startup has been based out of Denmark up to this point, but this latest round is designed to fuel the company’s expansion into the American market, beginning with the opening of an office in New York this month. In addition to geographic expansion, the startup intends to expand to other entertainment verticals. Linkfire tells me that they generate revenue by charging companies, either monthly or annually, for licenses.

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