Vibecatch launches to help companies stay on top of employee sentiment

vibecatchAs important as it is to create a quality product or service, carry out  marketing campaigns, and attempt to please customers and investors, businesses cannot forgot to stay on top off the morale situation in the office. Just over a month ago, we profiled a Danish startup called Peakon, which has taken aim at the employee-survey system, but now we are taking a look at Finnish startup Vibecatch, a competitor which just launched last week.

The focus for Vibecatch appears to be speed, speed, speed, with the platform allowing companies to setup automated email survey in under a minute, deciding what type of questions employees should be asked and when they should be asked. Using this platform, users are able to create their own questions, but there is also the option of using questions developed by HR professionals in order to extract relevant information from specific types of employees, if necessary. And then, once employees have submitted their responses, companies can access the information through a dashboard, which allows them to filter the data by data or department, as well as access comments from those surveyed.

In order to generate revenue, Vibecatch has opted for a subscription model, offering a free package that allows users to quickly create automated email polls, access real-time results in a dashboard, and export your data. And then, on top of that, they offer several paid levels ($1 per employee per month, $2 per employee per month, or custom) that offer the option of creating an unlimited number of polls, multi-user administration, access to templates created by HR professionals, or other features.

Although the startup just officially launched, CEO Juha Huttunen tells me that they have “hundreds” of companies using the service. He adds that they do not have investors, as they are funding the startup through money from their consulting company, called Rakettitiede, and intend to develop the startup separately, ultimately attracting VC backing.

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