Skoove brings piano lessons to the online masses

Skoove_screenThanks to the magic of the internet, it has seemingly become possible to acquire just about any skill that you want. In the case of German startup Skoove, the focus is on making piano lessons to basically anyone with a keyboard and a connection to the web.

The service requires users to have access to an e-piano or keyboard, which they would plug into the computer through the USB port. From there, Skoove offers a platform that helps users to learn to read scores and to understand music theory, as well as proper piano-playing technique. Having created a profile, users delve into Skoove’s library, which offers music ranging from current chart hits to the familiar classical tunes, and then begin playing, with the screen showing both the notes and a virtual keyboard to act as a guide. The software that they have developed is “smart”, with the service essentially acting as a tutor by offering real-time feedback and adjusting to the user’s pace.

Skoove says that they are targeting beginners who are roughly 12 years and up, with the startup currently claiming more than 1,000 users from 30 countries. The service is available in German and English, but development for more languages is underway. They are also continuing to develop the core product, with a version of the service geared towards acoustic pianos, which make use of the e-piano or keyboard’s internal microphone, slated for release later this year.

Skoove is in public beta for the time being, but they are planning to officially launch in November. The service is currently free, but they intend to eventually roll out subscription-based paid tiers, with the cheapest level running for 10 Euro per month.

In terms of funding, the startup has picked up an undisclosed amount through a recent seed round with High-Tech Grunderfonds. They also participated in the acceleration program at Microsoft Ventures last year.

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