Bethere launches as planned check-in platform

bethereGreece has seen more than its fair share of negative economic news in recent years, but that has not deterred the brother-sister team of Nadine and Panos Spyrakis from pursuing their dreams of entrepreneurship. And this week, the dreams moved a step closer to reality with the London launch of Bethere, a social network that enables users to tell their contacts where they plan to visit, in order to ease the process of meeting up.

Bethere operates both as a planned check-in and a rewards system, designed to help businesses attract customers. On the check-in side, the platform provides users with a feed and map of where their friends have visited and plan to visit. Users can indicate that they are planning to do a certain activity (eating, shopping, etc.) and then invite their friends along. One users wind up at their location, they are automatically reminded to take a selfie, which they can then post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

And then the rewards system being developed allows businesses to apply to become a “curated venue” in London. If accepted, businesses can then offer discounts to users who show a bill of at least 35 pounds and proof that they checked in through Bethere. Bethere operates on a freemium model, allowing users to pay bills or order products early, both for free, and then charging businesses a subscription fee.

The free app has launched on iOS and Android and seems to have received a warm reception from the public, with 21 users in the Google Play giving the 4.1 (out of 5) stars and some leaving very positive reviews. The startup has witnessed fairly explosive growth since the developers released a prototype in January, picking up more than 25,000 users at an increase of 23% every week.

Bethere currently claims $200,000 in funding from undisclosed investors, which they intend to put towards their plans for international expansion.

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