Flic moves to become the “easy” button that you have always wanted

flic_buttonsThe idea of an “easy” button, something that you can press and it takes care of any problem for you, is nothing new, but with the rise of smart phones and homes, it seems several European competitors have emerged to try and take in this market. In recent months, we have featured the Prizm, Bttn, and Nuimo, but now another simple device, the Flic, prepares to join them.

Like devices such as the Bttn and Nuimo, the Flic is a programmable button that can be set to perform a variety of functions, like open a door, play music or videos, take pictures, call a cab or order pizza, etc. The device, which they are selling for $39 (or between 13-32% off if you choose to buy several) and ships in roughly 8 weeks, can be controlled through apps for iOS (iPhone 4s and newer, as well as iPad) and Android (4.4 and newer) and placed on a number of surfaces, even clothing, thanks to adhesive on the bottom of the device.

In terms of battery life, Flic states that the devices have replaceable batteries, if necessary, but that each button can run for approximately 60,000 clicks or 5 years with the one in place.

The devices are available in a handful of colors (green, white, off-white, light blue, and black), but those interested in ordering devices in colors other than black or white will have to wait, as the startup says that they intend to initially ship items in those two colors.

What is probably most noteworthy about Flic is that they have found significant success through Indiegogo, reeling in more than $890K from just over 13,000 backers in a Kickstarter campaign that concluded in January. The startup revealed recently that they have begun shipping the buttons to their crowdfunding backers.

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