Fitmo hooks you up with the personal trainer who will keep you active

fitmo2Many people put in an effort to get into good shape, but to a large extent, you are on your own in this endeavor. You can get tips online, but you may still be left to motivate yourself, as personal trainers can be expensive and an unrealistic option. Dutch startup Fitmo, which launched last November, has attempted to tackle this problem with a portal that makes it easy to hire someone to keep you on the path towards good health.

The idea behind Fitmo is that users download the app (exclusively available on iOS, but they have a waiting list for Android), create a profile with information about yourself and your health goals, and then pick out a trainer to suit your needs. From there, trainers provide a plan to the user, with the user responding to tasks after they are completed (or users can even hook up their “wearables” and provide health information, if they wish) and trainers can adjust the user’s plan, as necessary, to help them move towards their goal. The service also allows users to call the trainer, if they wish.  It is a marketplace, so trainers set their own fee, which can range from $9-250 per month. Users are not required to agree to anything long-term, so they can quit the program whenever they would like. Fitmo then takes a 20% cut of the fee paid.

Fitmo says that you can meet your coach, if you wish and it is possible, but the appeal of working with someone online is that there are really no geographic limitations. But, the startup says that those set on working with someone in person can filter out trainers who only work with customers online and attempt to connect with someone in their region.

Fitmo is reluctant to reveal exactly how many people currently use the service, telling me only that they have “thousands” of users. In terms of funding, the startup says that they have raised more than 1.5 million Euro from a group of undisclosed Dutch and Canadian backers.

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