E-Shower takes to Kickstarter in an effort to break into the American market

eshowerIt is not often that you come across Kickstarter campaigns for a product that has already long been developed and sold, but such is the case with e-Shower, an Australian take on the shower head.

The e-Shower is designed to fit on top of any shower pipe and take the stream of water and mix in a stream of air, creating air-covered nano water bubbles that break against the user’s skin. At $200 (or as low as $159 for backers of the crowdfunding campaign), the device is not particularly cheap. But, the startup acknowledges this and argues that users will end up using 70% less water than they normally would, which would ostensibly cut down significantly on your water bill. What is one of the most interesting aspects of this startup is that they are confident enough in the product to offer a 30-year, money-back guarantee for it, so there is plenty of time for unsatisfied customers to get a refund, if necessary.

In terms of choices, one option is to remove the current shower head, but this startup has also developed long and short arms, as well as a filter for those who may be unwilling to toss out their current setup.

A representative for e-Shower tells me that the developers have never been in need of funding, as they first created the product about 10 years ago. But now, they are looking to break into the American market and have therefore turned to Kickstarter with a campaign that aims to raise $42,000 and generate some buzz along the way. At this point, they have picked up just over $24,000 from 199 backers, with 16 days left to go. The startup says that they have reached an agreement with a manufacturer in California and are ready to produce the devices, pending the outcome of the campaign. If all goes well, they intend to ship in January.

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