Take Eat Easy provides platform for ordering healthy, high-end food

takeeateasyCertain restaurants, like pizza or Chinese places, have long delivered, but the practice is hardly universal. Belgian startup Take Eat Easy is aiming to provide a platform for those looking to have something upscale and/or healthy delivered.

What is also interesting is that, as I write, Take Eat Easy informs you that the restaurants are currently closed (for the day), but that should not necessarily discourage you. In many cases, users have the option of pre-ordering something, with the deliveries carried out during a particular window (typically only a few hours. Schedules are posted within the profile for each restaurant). Creating an order will likely be familiar to anyone who has previously ordered online, as clicking on a particular restaurant brings up a menu and then allows you to add starters, dishes, extras, drinks, or desserts to your cart. Take Eat Easy then generates revenue by charging a fee of 2,50 Euro on each order.

At the moment, Take Eat Easy operates in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, and Spain. But not widely in those countries, either. I checked out their site for the United Kingdoma and found that the service is only available in London and only in a small portion of the city, at that.

One of the most notable aspects about Take Eat Easy is their funding situation. The startup has not been around terribly long, having been founded in Brussels in September 2013, but already claims 16 million Euro from a group of investors that includes Rocket Internet, DN Capital, Lean Fund, Piton Capital, and Eight Roads. Their most recent funding round was a Series B, which they closed earlier this month as part of their plans to move into additional cities.

The startup has declined to reveal how many people currently use the service, but did tell me that they partner with more than 700 restaurants in Europe.

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