Photo-sharing platform Flashgap helps you avoid posting embarrassing pics to social media

flashgapInspiration can be a funny thing. Sometimes it comes when you in school or dealing with a problem at home or at work, but in other cases, it arrives when you least expect it. In the case of Paris-based photo service Flashgap, CEO Julian Kabab was inspired by, of all things, a scene after the credits of the movie “The Hangover”.

Although there already plenty of photo services out there, Flashgap is targeting users like college students, who might wish to avoid embarrassing moments after a great night out. Anyone who has been drunk may know that when you are hanging out with a group of friends, you may get a bit carried away and whip out your smartphones to capture some photos of the moment. In the case of Flashgap, the idea is that users can take these photos, but they will disappear a few seconds later and only re-emerge at noon the next day, ostensibly after you have had time to sober up and think more clearly about what you might like to post to social media. The service can be downloaded for free on Android, where 415 users have given it a collective rating of 3.8 (out of 5) stars, and iOS, where 15 users gave it 4.5 (again, out of 5) stars.

The startup recently also unveiled features that users would expect from a typical photo/video-sharing service, including the ability to comment on photos, privacy options for albums, and the ability to integrate with third-party social networks.

Flashgap entered beta in December 2014 and now claims 150K users, who have shared more than 2 million photos and videos, between their native French market and the United Kingdom. They previously operated with 250K Euro in funding, but announced this week that they have picked up another $1.5 million from an undisclosed investor in a seed round, money that they intend to spend on developing new features and hiring a United States-based team for the company’s entry into that market.

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