Metrikea aims to help physical retailers maximize profits by analyzing customer behavior

metrikeaIt is not necessarily as easy for physical stores to obtain quality data, however, which is where Spanish startup Metrikea comes into the picture.

Metrikea, which launched last September, is aiming to help physical businesses by providing an online dashboard for managing information regarding staff, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and the behavior of their customers, such as the areas of the store that they visit or avoid and the length of time that they spend looking for products. The idea is that every little bit helps in a competitive business environment and, if necessary, retailers might alter the layouts of their stores in order to maximize their profits.

The startup tells me that they initially focused on commercial uses, but soon found that there are other potential applications, such as in airports, museums, transportation centers, and tourist areas.

Their business model can best be described as “hybrid”, as they generate revenue in part by installing sensors and then charging a regular subscription fee. The price varies based on the number of sensors that are installed, but the service can be accessed for as little as 70 Euro.

In terms of investment, Metrikea tells me that they have picked up nearly 400K Euro from backers like ENISA, Sodecan, and a private backer. The startup has already begun to install the technology in various cities in Spain, but they intend to soon spread elsewhere in Europe, such as the United Kingdom. They are also in negotiations to expand to Dubai and Latin America.

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