Froodly points users towards discounts on expiring food in an effort to help crack down on waste

froodly_appIt may not seem like much to leave a bit of food on your plate or for businesses to simply toss out food that may be going bad, the amount of perfectly-good food wasted globally is truly staggering. They may not be able to solve the global food-waste issue by themselves, but Finnish startup Froodly intends to do their fair part in this fight with an app that alerts users to discounts on expiring products at the local supermarket.

Froodly is taking aim at the problem of food waste by allowing users to not only receive alerts about expiring food, but also make their own contributions by submitting photos of said food in order to notify others. These contributions do not go unrewarded, as Froodly has set up a point system that allows users to earn credits through their submissions, with points that can be put towards donating a tree (940 points), receiving an organic garden (550 points), or 10% discounts on future expiring-food purchases (350 points). This point system has not gone live, however.

Froodly unveiled the beta version of their iOS app in partnership with 5 supermarket locations this past Friday and co-founder Brennan Clark tells me that they are currently using that to attract users in Helsinki. Once they finish the development of their apps for Android and Windows, due to occur “in the near future”, the startup plans to expand geographically, first throughout Finland and then internationally.

As the startup is in the process of raising their first investment round, they have opted to keep quiet about their total number of users and backing, as well as monetization plans. But, Clark would say that the app is currently completely free to use and that they have already cracked the top 10 among free food and beverage apps in the Finnish AppStore.

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