Goaleo provides platform for sporting achievements, advice from professionals

goaleoMost people will never go professional in a sport, but that does not stop many from playing with their friends or in some sort of rec league. It is those people that French startup Goaleo is targeting with a platform that allows people to track their stats and achievements, receive advice from professionals, and find playing partners.

I tested out the platform and found that users get started by providing some basic information about themselves in order to create a profile. They are not obligated to do so, as they can choose to instead ask questions of athletes/managers or receive updates on the latest sports news. But tracking information about your own accomplishments and hooking up with your friends or strangers seems to be the way to get the most out of the service.

The service is free to use, as the startup has opted to fund their operations through advertising and other avenues (native ads, data, online shops, and “talent search”), as well as freemium features for teams and sports personalities (stats and carrier management).

One of the most notable aspects about Goaleo is that they currently claim a number of professional sports personalities, including footballer Edouard Cisse, football manager Gerard Houllier, and others.

What is unusual about Goaleo is that they are an online startup that have turned to Kickstarter to fund their international expansion plans, as well as efforts to translate the service into 10 languages. They aimed for 50K Euro and ultimately exceeded it, picking up just over 51K Euro from 76 backers, but it is not their own funding, as CEO Jean-Marc Gillet says that they have also invested 520K Euro of their own money in the company.

Goaleo launched on iOS in February and then followed on Android in June. They are not revealing how many users they have at this point, but Gillet tells me that 10% of their users have joined as a result of the launch of the English-language version and that they are rolling out versions for Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Japanese in October.

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