Guaana takes aim at Open Innovation with collaboration platform for scientists, businesses, and visionaries

guaanaEstonian startup Guaana has launched a platform designed to provide scientists and visionaries with a place to propose and discuss major ideas.

Guaana Moonshot, which recently launched, allows users to propose a topic for discussion and then follow interesting topics or users. A survey of projects listed on their site reveals that users thus far are largely interested in issues pertaining to the creation and disposal of food, medical matters, and teaching children, among others. It is free to use, as they have opted instead to monetize through Guaana Ideation, a platform that will soon launch to allow companies to post challenges and tap into the collective knowledge of the community. Companies will be able to use that platform to offer rewards between 5,000-20,000 Euro for the best ideas that they receive.

Guaana is currently in public beta and is therefore reluctant to reveal exactly how many people are using the platform, with co-founder and CEO Marko Russiver saying only that they personally invited scientists from all over the globe prior to opening it up to the general public. Russiver tells me that their investors are based in Estonia, Finland, and Sweden, with the startup currently in the process of closing a seed round valued at 500K Euro.

Russiver adds that they developed this project with input from scientists themselves, talking with people and organizations for over a year in order to figure out what sort of issues they can address. At this point, the startup says that they are finished with just half of one of the nine phases of the project that they have mapped out.

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