Bloomon emerges as subscription-based flower-delivery platform

bloomenSeveral weeks ago, we covered a British startup called Bloom & Wild, a delivery service for those looking for a classy way to send flowers. But they may soon have some competition in this market, as Dutch startup Bloomon, emerges as a subscription-based flower-delivery service.

Bloomon, which launched in The Netherlands and has since expanded to Belgium and Germany, has launched as a flower-delivery service that seems to cater those who would like a fresh bouquet (hand-picked by the company’s stylist) constantly in the home or office, but do not wish to regularly go and pick one out. The first step to ordering the flowers is to select a size (small, medium, and large), indicate how often you would like for them to be delivered (bi-weekly or monthly), and then a suitable time for delivery. What is interesting is that the customers do not appear to have much control over the bouquet, receiving flowers that the stylist has selected. I found that a small bouquet will set you back 20 Euro, while the medium version costs 25 Euro, and large goes for 30 Euro. And they supply a vase, if requested.

Bloomon says that they currently delivery throughout The Netherlands, as well as Cologne, Dusseldorf, and Nuess in Germany and Antwerp and Ghent in Belgium. They are not revealing their exact number of customers at this time, but recently reported that they have “several thousand”.

One of the most notable aspects of Bloomon is its funding, as the startup recently announced that they have picked up 3.5 million Euro in a Series A from INKEF Capital and Partech Ventures, as well as an undisclosed backer from the flower sector. The company, which only launched 8 months ago, says that it intends to use the funding to fuel international growth. This latest round follows the 1 million Euro that the startup raised just a few weeks after it launched, as reported by StartupJuncture.

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