Work Hard Anywhere wants to help you find the most “laptop-friendly” cafes or workspaces

workhardanywhereIn many cases, finding a “laptop-friendly” cafe in order to a bit of work involves little more than locating the nearest Starbucks, but it may not always be the best option. Whether you do not know where to find a place with quality WiFi, the cafes that you find are too crowded, or whatever the reason, finding the perfect place to set up shop can sometimes prove challenging and startup Work Hard Anywhere hopes to come to the rescue.

Work Hard Anywhere uses Foursquare’s API to provide users with the locations of nearby cafes, libraries, and co-working spaces. From there, they rely on users to visit those places and then rate them on aspects like WiFi speed, the number of available power outlets, prices, food quality, parking, noise and crowd levels, and more. Once a user checks out and rates a spot, said location can become “verified”. In addition to receiving information about the locations, Work Hard Anywhere allows users to see which other users have recently visited that particular spot.

This service just officially launched on iOS (with desktop and Android versions on the way), but they gained a good bit of traction during the 10-month beta period, picking up more than 1,000 users, who checked out over 2,400 spots in 53 countries. The app appears to have been warmly received by the public, with quite a few people on Product Hunt and iTunes indicating that they have found the service to be useful for finding an ideal spot to get some work done.

Work Hard Anywhere has made their app available for free, but CEO Benson Chou tells me that they may roll out paid features for power users, offer the ability to book services directly from the app, or offer branded profiles for workspaces.

The startup, based in northern California, is bootstrapping at this point.

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