APARTUM helps travelers to find the lowest price on a property they are looking to rent

apartumWith sites that offer vacation rentals popping up all over the web and frequently renting out the same properties, it seems only logical that you would want a portal to find the lowest price on a particular property. Barcelona-based APARTUM has found success offering just that, attracting hundreds of thousands of users to its sleek platform

In order to get a feel for the service, I did a search for vacation rentals in Los Angeles and found that you can filter through options (which are displayed on a map) by price, various amenities (such as pet-friendliness, air conditioning, WiFi, a terrace, etc.), or the number of bedrooms. Profiles for rentals include a few indoors and outdoors photos, information on capacity, and the size, as well as indicate the sites on which the property is listed, automatically choosing the best rate. Clicking on one of the profiles takes the user through to the site of the company renting out the property.

Like other marketplaces, APARTUM takes a variable commission on bookings, but they also charge based on clicks that they deliver to partners like Airbnb, OnlyApartments, Booking, WaytoStay, Housetrip, Roomorama, and Friendly Rentals.

APARTUM went live in 2013 and claims 500K unique users per month, who can access 2 million holiday rentals from 38,000 destinations. Just last week, the startup announced that they have picked up 500K Euro in their 3rd seed round, which includes participation from the Madrid-based SeedSyndicates fund, several Barcelona-based angels, and public funding. The startup intends to put the new funding towards building out their team, continuing to develop its core platform, and continuing to grow internationally. To expand on the last item, APARTUM has just launched French, Italian, German, Dutch, and Brazilian (Portuguese) versions of its website, to complement the existing English and Spanish-language versions.

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