Docady helps keeping track of important documents and records

docadyIt can be somewhat difficult to keep track of all the paperwork that you will need. Document-management is nothing new, but United States-based and Israeli-founded Docady aims to help people stay on top off paperwork and renewal deadlines that they face.

Docady works by storing documents (passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, etc.) that users photograph and scan into the platform, extracting the key data, and then inserting the documents into various categories. The platform can also extract documents from platforms like Dropbox, Evernote, Yahoo! mail, Gmail, etc. and likewise extract relevant information. And they have set it up so that users can manage files for various family members, if necessary.

What is nice about the platform is that it not only makes it simple to find important dates and figures, but offers push notifications to help users stay on top of upcoming deadlines. Going forward, Docady is planning to take the service a step further by allowing users to carry out actions like renewing their driver’s license and handling other financial, insurance, or government-related matters through the app, The startup tells me that the service is free users and does not intend to charge for accessing new features.

Docady launched this May, but is not revealing how many users they currently have. This week, the startup announced that they concluded their first funding round, valued at $1.5 million and including participation from Pitango Venture Capital, Disrupt-ive by Tal Barnoach, Eilon Tirosh, and former AOL execs. The service is already available on iOS, where 138 users have combined to give the service a rating of 4 (out of 5) stars, but they intend to use the funding to bring it to Android and the web, as well as continuing to develop their current product.

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