MyTripCar shines a light on car-rental pricing practices with comparison platform

MyTripCarCar-rental services are nothing new, but Spanish startup MyTripCar has entered the market with a comparison tool that will enable renters to check prices between brands.

I did a basic search and found that you can easily click to compare for various options. Having established the time for which you will need the car and the locations where you will pick it up and drop it off, users can click to check prices on various types of car (“all”, just “compact and sedans”, or “5+ seaters”), two types of insurance (“basic” and “high”), and add extras like GPS, a baby seat, and/or an extra driver. And then the listings include profiles, ranked by price, which include information on the model of car, the number of doors and seats, the lender, the location, the wait time to book it, the deposit amount, the fuel status, and the “real price” (absolutely everything included). For their part, MyTripCar generates revenue by taking a small commission from car providers after they process a deal.

I spoke with MyTripCar CEO Fernando Almenara, who tells me that he has moved towards entrepreneurship after 7 years in the rental-car industry (18 years when count the whole team at MyTripCar) out of a desire to create a service that would present those renting with fees that they can trust.  

MyTripCar just entered public beta in July, so they have not had a ton of time to pick up customers. At the moment, the startup says that they have 200 users in tourist locations in Spain, but they are planning to soon branch out to countries like Italy, Turkey, France, Greece, the United Kingdom, and more.

The startup has picked up external funding, claiming 240K Euro from a group of angels, as well as local investment fund IVF.

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