TurApp targets outdoor lovers with portal for planning and booking activities

turappTraveling to Norway is fairly straightforward, as you can find and book tickets through a number of sites. But if you are looking to head out of the city and experience that country’s natural beauty, TurApp is worth a try.

What is interesting about this company is that they have developed several different apps (iOS and Android) that are specific to particular regions, in addition to the web offerings. Each app provides maps, a platform for planning trips, and a guide to local art exhibitions. It is not just a trip-planning platform, however, as the apps allow users to track their activity and challenge friends. Going forward, TurApp intends to make the apps (or web, if that’s what the user prefers) into a one-stop portal for things like reserving a camping spot, booking a guide, or pay for a fishing permit.

The apps are free to download, as TurApp has chosen to monetize the service by charging a startup fee and requiring a monthly subscription fee from the regions for which the app was designed. They are also rolling out in-app purchases.

Notable about TurApp is that they have achieved a solid amount of success, attracting 120K users, while currently only focusing on 14 national parks and regions in Norway. The startup launched back in 2012, but a representative from the company tells me that they are planning to roll out version 2.0 of the service in Norway in September. They intend to focus on their home market initially, but will soon branch out, with plans to move into Sweden, Iceland, and Canada in 2016.

TurApp claims support from Innovation Norway, an organization which is managed by the Norwegian government and supports domestic innovation, and funding to the tune of approximately $120K (1 million Norwegian Krones) from Sparbank1, which obtained a 20% share in the startup in return.

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