Talent Rocket offers window into the work environment at various companies

talentrocketThere is no shortage of job sites out there, but British startup Talent Rocket nonetheless hopes to capture the attention of job-seekers with a platform that offers insight into the work environment at various employers.

What is notable about Talent Rocket is that they are big on “culture” at businesses, allowing users to identify the type of company they would like to work for and then identify a few other criteria (location, all/hiring, the companies you do or do not follow, etc.) and go from there. There are six categories, in which users might identify whether or not they are interested in working for a company focused on social good, a high-potential startup, in a “super cool” environment, and so forth. It is also possible to just go ahead and type in the company’s name, if you wish to get straight to the point.

In terms of the businesses itself, listings offer information about the company’s location, size, current vacancies, a bit of information about the perks and “quirks”, and a few photos for good measure. It is possible to follow companies (as many as you’d like, says Talent Rocket), so no need to try and remember favorites.

For those currently looking for a job, there is also a separate section that allows them to create a CV and connect with potential employers.

At the moment, Talent Rocket says that they are free to subscribers, generating revenue instead through subscription plans for companies, as well as taking a fee when employers hire someone.

Talent Rocket only left beta in July, in which they had been for a few months. At this point, the company claims more than 100 companies, as well as 1,000 job candidates, primarily in the London digital sector, as users. To date, they have completely self-funded.

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