Freska emerges as a central hub for home-cleaning companies

Freska-home-cleaningHome-cleaning services like GetYourHero, MyHomeHero, Helpling, and others are popping up in Europe. Finnish startup Freska has entered the fray, but taken a bit of a different approach, choosing to act as a central portal through which thousands of cleaning portals in the country can be organized.

As you would expect from a cleaning service, Freska enables users to call or go online to order a cleaner to come. Freska manages bookings for 8,000 companies (including 5,000 single-individual companies), as well as provides insurance. The price is 34 Euro per hour, with Freska taking a commission on each transaction that they process. At the moment, they operate in 5 cities, a list that includes Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kaunlainen, and Kerava.

When talking about cleaning services, or other businesses within the “gig economy”, one of the main issues is whether workers should be classified as employees, freelancers, or something. In the case of Freska, they have managed to avoid the issue altogether, choosing to partner with other cleaning companies.

Freska only launched in late July, so they are not yet ready to reveal how many people are using the service. They did not just rush into operations, but initially ran an extensive pilot program with friends prior to launch and, achieving the desired results, went ahead with the launch.

Co-founder Petteri Marviala will say, however, that they are already thinking a bit about expansion. They are concentrating on becoming established in the Finnish market for the moment, but they eventually plan to bring the service into other Nordic countries. They have not raised any external funding at this point, but Marviala tells me that they are negotiating a seed round.

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