StyleLounge simplifies the process of comparison-shopping with meta-search platform

styleloungeEven though comparing prices on clothing and other options can be an important decision for the long run, a lot of people (myself, admittedly, included) are not willing to go through with it. German startup StyleLounge, which launched earlier this year, is aiming to bring this aspect to the shopping process with a meta-search platform.

I found that you start the search process by clicking to view items geared towards men, women, or children or simply search for a specific piece of clothing and are then presented with a general listing of items. From there, you can narrow it down to the specific item that you seek and are offered the ability to select between sizes, colors, and stores (with the prices listed for each retailer). They also helpfully indicate which items are currently on sale. StyleLounge tells me that they generate revenue based on the traffic that they direct to the websites of affiliated retailers. At the moment, the startup reports that they offer 1 million items from more than 10,000 brands through the more than 100 shops with which they partner.

StyleLounge has focused on the German market up to this point, but they have branched out in June with a site geared towards French customers and one for Dutch customers, with plans to unveil sites for 5 more countries by the end of this year. They are planning to also unveil new features in the near future, but do not wish to disclose details around that at the moment.

StyleLounge does not wish to reveal exact figures regarding their customers, but CEO Johannes Heinen will say that they have monthly customers “in the six figures”.

Regarding funding, Heinen tells me that they closed a seed round in mid-2014 and then they just recently added to that with a Series A valued at 2.3 million Euro from TA Ventures, Axivate Capital, ASTUTIA Ventures, and some family offices.

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