Swipe unveils revamped version of their presentation-creation service

swipeTOBack in 2013, presentation-creation startup Swipe, originally based in Oslo, Norway and later in London, launched to take on boring presentations. And they found demand for an alternative, racking up more than 300,000 users. But now, backed by further (undisclosed) investment from Passion Capital and Playfair, they are relaunching their service and adding a paid tier for those looking for additional features.

One of the cool aspects of Swipe’s new platform is that they have made it easy to make presentations interactive, offering the ability to share a link to it with those in the audience. The link enables audience members (or even to someone halfway across the world) to flip along with the presenter, but it also allows the audience to interact through polls. And they have made it so that links cannot be shared freely once provided, as the presenter has the option of offering interaction and viewing privileges as they see fit. Or, there is the option of opening the presentation up to the public, if they wish. In either case, there is a counter that allows presenters to see how many people have viewed the slides.

And then the tools for creating the presentations themselves appear simple to use, with the creator able to drag and drop files like PDFs, images, and other content (such as videos) and then easily rearrange the slides as necessary. And it is not just content that can be added to the presentation, as Swipe is offering the ability to embed slides in web pages and other documents.

It is interesting to note that Swipe has unveiled their pricing plan, but is not actually charging users immediately, offering them a bit of time to adjust to the change. They are retaining a basic, free plan, but will “soon” unveil a package that runs for $20/month (or $15/monthly when billed annually) and includes password protection, secret links, and analytics support. And they intend to follow that up in 2016 with the launch of a business-class plan that costs $40/month ($30/month for annual subscribers) and offers access to advanced analytics, centralized user control, and two-factor authentication. In the case of both paid plans, Swipe includes a button for users who wish to be alerted when those plans become available.

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