Vizo joins the news-delivery fray with apps that offer ‘glances’

VizoNewsVizo may be a bit late to the game when it comes to the news-delivery market, but the service, which aims to provide “bite-sized” morsels of information to users as they go about their busy lives, has created a favorable impression with its apps for Android and iOS, which have attracted nearly 5,000 users since the platform went live in the United States and Israel three weeks ago.

Vizo works by offering users all the news that they will need for the day, delivered in 400-600-word articles (called “Glances”) that are culled from major sources and sent as part of three daily updates (morning, noon, and evening). Users move through the feed by swiping or, if they find an article that they enjoy, clicking to access links to other major sources covering that particular story. The startup also indicates that they have developed an algorithm that allows users to receive more timely, relevant stories as they continue to use the service. Vizo offers straight-forward news articles at the moment, but they are looking to produce their own editorial content with contributions (in Glance-form) from partner bloggers.

The service is free for the time being, with a representative of the company telling me that they intend to implement a monetization plan once they have expanded their userbase.

As indicated, Vizo only went live a few weeks ago, but the startup’s apps have received a somewhat warm reception thus far. In the Google Play store, the app is at 4.4 stars (of 5) from 78 ratings, while the iOS version sits at 5 (out of 5) stars from 11 ratings.

Vizo is keeping quiet about the exact identities of their financial backers, but would reveal that they have picked up $1.1 million from a group that includes Wall Street executives, tech investors, and angels.

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