TheFashion offers one-stop portal for finding the trendiest items in fashion

thefashionAs fashion retailers proliferate online, it seems only logical that a meta service would come along and offer customers the opportunity to search across stores. Such is the case with Danish startup TheFashion, a female-focused retailer that has popped up in the last 15 months as a portal for finding trendy items.

I wanted to see what the service had to offer, so I did a simple search (a tee-shirt, in this case) and received thousands of results, which can be filtered down by brand, store, color, or price-range. Customers can also click to view only items that are on sale. Clicking on a particular item directs the customer to the checkout page, while also offering images of the item, images of related items, and the ability to add the item to a list of favorites or create a sales notification.

A couple of areas of the site that I find appealing are the “Designers” section, which allows customers to search through hundreds of different brands and view everything that they currently have to offer. Another is the “Trends” tab, which offers customers the ability to sign up for a trends newsletter or go right ahead and click to check out “hot” clothing and shoes.

CEO Kasper Vardrup reveals that they set out with the goal of creating a fashion-shopping aggregator, similar to services like for travel, Zillow for real estate, or for hotels. But they later concluded that the shoppers are seeking the trendiest items, as opposed to a greater number of choices in terms of products, stores, and brands. So, they hooked up with tastemakers and trendsetters to deliver the current service, a curated stream of the hottest items out there.

Vardrup that, while he cannot disclose an exact figure regarding their total number of customers, they are currently attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. He could into detail about their investors, however, stating that the startup has obtained $1.7 million from Copenhagen-based North-East Venture and The Danish Growth Fund in a seed round, as well as $500K from Rainmaking.

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