Peakon automates process of checking employee satisfaction

peakonAs easy as it is for businesses to focus on the customers and generating revenue, you will not get very far with unhappy employees. Danish startup Peakon, co-founded by several veterans of project-management company Podio and some others, is using the traditional survey system to help companies gauge employee satisfaction, but they have put their own spin on it with a service designed to automate the process.

The idea behind Peakon’s platform is that not every question is appropriate for each person or needs to regularly be asked. It is data-driven, with users expected to set it up and schedule the initial set of questions and then the platform taking over from there, ostensibly asking the right questions of the right people at the right time. Once collected, the service allows users to break it down by team, location, or tenure, as well as compare it to industry averages in order to see how things stack up. Individual employees do not need to worry about management having access to individual survey answers, however, as that information remains anonymous (but can be accessed by the employee). The service is currently free, but they intend to roll out paid plans (no word on the price) later this year.

Peakon recently entered private beta, so they are not revealing their total number of users and, according to co-founder Phil Chambers, are not too concerned about that figure at this stage. However, the startup has announced that they have already attracted several “high-profile” paying customers from Denmark and the United Kingdom. Those interested in using the platform will likely not have to wait long, as Peakon says that they plan to officially launch this autumn.

The startup is backed by $1 million, which they obtained from Sunstone Capital and a host of leading private investors from Europe and Silicon Valley. With the funding, the startup says that they intend to use to fill out their staff and continue to develop the product.

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