Heelosophy readies launch of personalized shoe-insole service

heelosophyHigh heels do not appear to be particularly comfortable and startup Heelosophy hopes to come to the rescue of those who experience discomfort as they wear them throughout the day.

Heelosophy’s business is pretty simple, offering an insole designed to work with any type of shoe (even boots or sandals), but they aim to cater to customers with a personalized product. CEO Seren Eilmann tells me that customers will have to put in a bit of work in order to make the most of the product by visiting a partner shoe-store or purchasing sensors from the startup and then use those sensors in a shoe to provide a bit of data regarding the customer’s feet, shoe, and walking pattern. The sensors are designed to connect to a smart device via Bluetooth or a USB cable, allowing them to transmit the data to the startup by mobile or desktop app. From there, Heelosophy takes over with software that can create an automatic model of the foot and design an insole that would ostensibly offer maximum support. And then, of course, they manufacture it and ship it off to the customer. Heelosophy has not yet gone live, as they are currently still testing the product with volunteers, but say that the soles will go on sale for about 40 Euro each sometime this autumn.

In order to get their business off the ground, Heelosophy turned to the Estonian hardware-focused accelerator Buildit, which has joined with an angel investor to provide the startup with about 30K Euro. They are concentrating mainly on developing the product at this point, but Eilmann says that the startup is also seeking out partners, such as shoe stores and shoe manufacturers, as a means of reaching the global market.

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