Nimber helps you earn some extra income delivering packages during your daily commute


In today’s sharing economy, it seems that people can earn a bit of money on the side doing just about anything. Whether it is operating as a taxi driver, personal shopper, hotel operator, there are a number of ways to earn a bit of extra cash (or work full-time, if you can arrange it). Norwegian-British startup Nimber has taken aim at commuters (or anyone with transportation) with a platform that allows people to become a courier as they make their way to work or school.

Nimber allows users to schedule a package to be delivered by submitting a request and receiving a suggested fee (to be paid to the delivery person). From there, the user connects with a prospective “bringer” and they proceed to negotiate on the price and the details. Nimber does not actually charge anything for the service at the moment, but CEO Ari Kestin tells me that they are considering implementing a transaction fee. For now, though, they are simply worried about growth.

Nimber was founded in Norway in 2013 and has found a strong amount of popularity, picking up 40K users. Despite their Norwegian roots, they actually uprooted their operations and moved to the United Kingdom in March, recently launching there in beta and planning to go live in September. Just today, the company announced that they have picked up $850K in funding (bringing the total raised this year to $1.25 million) from new and current investors, including Swiss Family Offices and Investment Bankers SJP Holdings, as well as a trio of private backers. Interestingly, they have also revealed that they are planning to turn to crowdfunding later this year.

Kestin says that they are currently active in the U.K. and the Nordics and are considering expanding into new markets later this year or in 2016.

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