Future Home prepares to launch platform to help people manage their “smart” devices

futurehome-teamThe race is already on to develop the ultimate product that will allow us to manage it all from our phones or computers. Operating in Norwegian, Future Home is the latest contender to toss its hat in the ring.

An interesting aspect about this company is that they are developing a host of devices, including a “Smart Hub” (allowing users to manage other devices), a “Smart Plug” (allows users to control devices and track energy usage), and more. As you might expect, the service harnesses the power of WiFi to function. But one notable feature is the power, as components use either solar (such as the temperature sensor) or kinetic energy (the light switch) to work.

The service includes an app that allows users to control the lights and security, as well as monitor the temperature and energy levels of various devices. One of the aspects of the service that I find appealing is the interface for the app, which demonstrates the temperature, the status of all devices, and power-usage levels in a pretty pleasing format. The service allows users to set devices to run at certain times, as well, in modes like “home”, “work”, “vacation”, or “sleep”. Prices for the platform vary based on the customer’s’ needs, but the startup says that platform starts at $375. At the moment, they are planning to push the “Smart Hub” out to customers, of which there are around 200, in October. Going forward, the startup intends to create a web portal, through which users can order various devices and automatically configure the app accordingly.

Future Home was founded in 2013 as a project developed by students at Stavanger University in Norway, but CFO Sigbjorn Groven says that it became apparent that they needed to devote to devote themselves full-time if they were going to keep up with the demand. They formally launched in November 2014 with an Indiegogo campaign that delivered them just over $200,000 (they hit their goal almost exactly) from 140 backers. They have other outside investment, as well, claiming 1.25 million Euro from local backers, the notable being IKM Invest.

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