EasySize aids shoppers in finding their ideal size when purchasing clothes online

easysize-sbcOne of the issues that retailers face in online clothing market is returned items as, whether the clothes are ill-fitting, damaged, or some other reason, it can lead to lost revenue. Danish startup EasySize has taken aim at the “ill-fitting” aspect with a tool designed to help shoppers find the ideal size.

I tested out the tool on their website and found that it works when you click to make a purchase. Having selected the item, customers have the option of clicking “Find My Size”, which implores them to select an item (dress, ballroom gown, shirt dress, bodycon dress, strapless dress, or shift dress) and then click on one of six brands. The user is then encouraged to select a size and the algorithm takes over, spitting out a “recommended size”.

EasySize focuses on businesses with a subscription-based model that varies greatly in price, depending on the number of orders completed. For businesses that use EasySize for 200 or fewer orders per month, the service is 99 Euro, while businesses that process up to 1,000 can access the platform for 399 Euro per month and for businesses that process up to 3,000 orders per month, the monthly fee is 899 Euro. Beyond that, EasySize says that they charge 0.20 Euro per order.

A representative from EasySize says that they launched in October 2014 and are currently working with 7 shops. In January 2015, they picked up an undisclosed amount of funding from invetsors in France (Fashion Capital Partners and private investors), Denmark, and Sweden. With the new funding, they are looking to expand beyond Europe and roll out new features, such as offering advanced statistics and information on shopping behavior to clients.

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