Newstory launches as personalized clothing service for women

newstoryFinding clothing in the correct size is not typically too difficult, as you will find a particular dress or outfit, and then look for the appropriate number. But London-based startup Newstory is aiming to change up the process with a personalized service that offers female professionals between the ages of roughly 25-40 with a platform for finding clothing that fits their body type.

The service requires a bit of effort on the part of users, as they must obtain their own measurements and submit them to Newstory, creating a profile. From there, stylists take information about the customer and comes up with a recommendation (yes, just one) geared towards the person’s body type. Body-types identified by Newstory include “the pear”, “the apple”, “the banana”, “the hourglass”, and “the inverted triangle” and they have gone ahead and created sample outfits for each, which include advice for what women should do or avoid when shopping for clothing based on their type. The recommendation process is free and, if the person ends up purchasing the recommended clothing, shipping is free, as well (but only in the E.U.). Instead of charging users for using the recommendation service, Newstory has decided to generate revenue through margins on the clothing that they sell.

Newstory only launched a couple of weeks ago, but CEO Indre Deksnyte says that they have already attracted 5,000 users. At the moment, the startup is focusing on further establishing their presence in the United Kingdom, Sweden, and the Baltics, as well as partnering with bloggers. They are also already planning to launch an updated version of the platform, offering more Italian brands and styling options, within the next two weeks. Funding these growth plans is the 200K Euro that they recently obtained from Lithuanian investor Practica Capital.

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