Catwalk15 offers up platform for receiving fashion recommendations

catwalk15Thanks to the rise of social-media, it is no longer really necessary to bring along a friend for advice when shopping for clothes (or even heading out of the home at all, really). But appealing to friends through Facebook, email, or some other service can yield few answers or, if they are busy, none at all. That is the issue tackled by Catwalk15, a Romanian startup aiming to become the go-to service for seeking out fashion advice.

The service by allowing users to install the apps for Android or iOS, snap a photo of the item in question, and then post it, allowing others to leave comments. As is the case with other social-media platforms, it is possible to follow other users, check out the “Outfit of the Day”, or click to receive fashion advice. The developers of Catwalk15 have also decided to “gamify” their service by allowing users to earn points for answering questions, taking photos, and having a contribution named “Outfit of the Day”.

At the moment, CEO Mark Filipas says that they are considering a few different monetization ideas. They are considering charging brands for the ability to market to users, operating based on an affiliate model, and/or offering designers the opportunity to present design ideas to users before going ahead with production.

Although the startup is Romanian-founded, Filipas says that they are actually focused on the British market and that they are hoping to connect with an accelerator in order to establish themselves in the U.K., which would serve as a launch-point for moves into the U.S. and Asia.

Catwalk15 initially brought their idea to Android, launching an MVP on that platform in September 2014. After connecting with users and implementing improvements, they rolled out the iOS version in March. At this point, the startup claims more than 3,000 users, who have uploaded over 13,000 images and shared more than 750,000 opinions. And they have not yet needed to turn to outside investors, as the 3 co-founders have thus far funded the project themselves.

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