Antix uses your GoPro to record and automatically edit your outdoor-sports exploits

antixAs GoPro devices become an increasingly popular tool for capturing first-person videos of your biking, skateboarding, surfing, and other activities, so too has British startup Antix, which targets the extreme-sports crowd with a service for recording and automatically editing your exploits.

Antix works by capturing the footage, using sensors to track and tag the user’s movements and performance, and then automatically edits it to create a highlight reel (here is a sample video). In addition to auto-editing your footage, Antix has developed a scoring system that allows users to get trending and check out the most impressive videos, different channels (that can be found through hashtags), and then allows users to share the videos through social-media networks.

Antix has opted to offer the service to the average person for free, while instead generating revenue through partnerships with brands, through which Antix comes and films various events. One of the highlights of Antix’s platform is the ability to automatically edit videos, so the footage that they capture can be presented during the event.

The service initially launched on Android in late 2014 and then came to iOS in 2015. In terms of traction, George Service tells me that they have built their userbase through word-of-month, attracting tens of thousands of users (the majority of whom are based in the United States and United Kingdom), but they are planning to use newly-obtained funds to ramp up their global marketing efforts.

Antix says that they recently closed a funding deal for 1.2 million pounds with California-based Trace, the developer of an autonomous camera capable of following the athlete as they are on the move. In terms of plans, Antix intends to develop a strong partnership with Trace, as well as soon reveal their own team of riders. They are planning to unveil branded channels, which will allow brands to manage their content on the site.

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