Sponsta offers Instagram stars means to cash in on their popularity

sponstaHaving a sizable following on Instagram may provide you with a nice boost to your self-esteem, but there are ways to monetize that popularity and build your bank account, as well. It is already possible for companies to reach out to popular figures in order to discuss some sort of marketing deal, but Danish startup Sponsta wants to streamline the process, offering a marketplace through which businesses can connect with “Instagrammers” based on a particular profile that they are seeking

The platform is curated, meaning that brands and Instagrammers must be vetted before getting started. Once brands have been accepted, they are able to access profiles that show the user’s information (name, location, age, themes, number of followers, and gender), a selection of their most liked and most recent photos, and a short description of how that user would like to collaborate. Having found the ideal candidate, brands can click to begin communicating with that user. Instagrammers who decide to do marketing work are paid by that brand directly, but Sponsta generates revenue by charging a small fee on top of that.

To give an idea of the service that they provide, Sponsta revealed last week that they have partnered with McDonald’s Denmark to promote the fast-food chain’s “McBike” offerings, which is a special menu for those interested in carrying their meal with them as they cycle. Sponsta arranged for various Instagram stars to get creative and create various photos with the McBike logo.

Sponsta launched pretty recently, as CEO and co-founder Philip Bock says that they went live at Cannes Lions and currently report that they work with 40 brands and 1,400 Instagram personalities. They are not discussing their investment status at the moment, but Bock indicated that they may have news on that front within the next couple of weeks.

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