Liefery taps into demand for same-day delivery service

LieferyDelivering packages once (and sometimes still does) took weeks, but in many places, shipping companies have whittled the process to less than 24 hours, if you are willing to pay up. But for those who cannot even bear to wait that long, German startup Liefery hopes to help, offering a solution that allows customers to receive deliveries in just 90 minutes (or at a scheduled time, if that is preferable).

The service is pretty simply, allowing people to use their apps for Android and iOS  to organize a delivery, track the packages, access contact details, and more. As they offer this 90-minute promise, there could be issues if, for whatever reason, packages are not delivered within that period. In those cases, the company tells me that they have a 24/7 customer support team that connects with buyers and sellers in an effort to explain the situation and ensure that all parties are satisfied.

In continuing a newer trend in tech, Liefery enables people to complete some deliveries in a freelance role, but they also have their own team of couriers and farm some of the work out to delivery companies. The concept has proven to be a hit, as the startup has spread to 50 German cities and reports having delivered more than 150K shipments.

Liefery differs a bit from many startups in that it emerged out of an existing company, Time:matters, a global logistics and shipping firm. Time:matters has also invested in Liefery, with a representative from the startup telling me that they concluded a deal for 2.4 million in seed funding.

Although they have not revealed their total funding, the startup has taken a bit of an unusual step by recently announced that Hermes Logistics Group Germany has obtained 28.5% of the company through a Series A. Having established a strong presence in Germany, Liefery says that they intend to expand to further cities within their home market, as well as go international, and to continue to develop their IT platform.

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