Flyover looks to simplify the process of chartering a plane

flyoverWith an abundance of sites offering us the means to travel from point A to point B, new entrants to this market must increasingly get creative in order to stand out. Located in Krakow, Flyover has launched with the promise of “crowdfunded flying”, allowing travelers to propose their own flights and then get their friends or even complete strangers to come along.

As indicated, the service works taking proposals that users create and then opening them up to the public. If enough people sign up within 72, Flyover goes ahead and charters the flight. If not, the trip is cancelled and the money is refunded. In theory, users who create flight proposals can do so for any reason, but the service is marketed towards those who may want to gather a group of friends and go to a football match, a rock-n-roll festival, or some other event. The service is billed as being “all-inclusive”, with all fees (even though pertaining to baggage), included in the price listed on the proposal. As is typical with marketplaces, Flyover generates income by taking a commission on each ticket that they sell.

Flyover launched in Polish in March, but they also recognize the importance of the international market, rolling out an English-language version of their site in May. At this point, the startup reports having 600 users. They have had some funding, telling me that one of the startup’s co-founders was their angel, but are currently seeking investors.

Going forward, Flyover says that they are hoping to establish a foothold in Europe, but they are also looking across the ocean to Latin American markets. They are also expanding their focus, stating that they are developing a platform geared towards charter services and the owners of aircraft, which would ostensibly allow these companies to independently advertise flights through the site.

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