Online dating platform 7heaven takes aim at outdated profile photos with “selfie stream”

7heavenOne potential issue with online dating is that you may be misled by old, better images of those you may wish to meet. Swedish startup 7heaven, which launched in May and currently claims currently claims 3K active accounts (12K downloads) has presented their solution by creating a service that requires users to upload a selfie taken no more than 6 hours earlier in order to create their profile.

Available for Android and iOS, 7heaven operates by offering users a “selfie stream”, from which they can click to see the profiles of other users. As indicated, the service is time-sensitive, only allowing photos less than 6 hours old to be uploaded as profile photos (although older photos are saved in that user’s timeline). Although it involves a small sample, the app for Android has thus far been well-received, with 15 users collectively giving a rating of 4.4 (out of 5) stars.

The service is free for the time being, but CEO Stefan Bergstrom says that they will monetize it after September 30th by introducing a fee of $0.99 (one-time) or $9.99 (monthly) to chat with someone. Bergstrom adds that a user will be able to reach out to another and receive a response, at which time one of them, but just one, will need to pay up in order to continue the conversation.

In order to market their business, 7heaven have taken to partnering with Swedish pop star Eric Saade, who says that, “I contacted 7heaven and wanted to participate because I love the idea. Today, most people meet through online dating, but unfortunately there are many “unserious” profiles that show old photos that are not at all consistent with reality, or completely fake photos, which show a completely different person. It should be fun to date and it is important to that those of us who run the dating apps take responsibility for them and do what we can in order to avoid having fake or dishonest profiles that remain active.” In addition to partnering with 7heaven, Saade himself has actually taken to using the service, offering fans the opportunity to chat him up.

7heaven has not revealed their investors, but says that they have raised funding to the tune of approximately $525K at this point. They are planning to raise another $1.75-2.3 million in order to fund plans for expansion into the German and British markets.

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