Legal-services startup Jurato simplifies the process of finding a quality lawyer

juratoThese days, it seems that you can obtain just about any service online, from medical assistance to gardening. In Germany, Jurato has taken aim at the legal sector with a platform that allows people to connect with a lawyer, while never even leaving the home.

Jurato seems to pride themselves on anonymity, allowing users to withhold their personal information as they write up their issue and then receive offers from specialized lawyers through the startup’s matching service. From there, the client selects the lawyer that appears to be the best fit and they move on with the case. Jurato generates revenue on the lawyer side, charging a transaction fee after the lawyers and clients connect, as well as 19 Euro per month (after a 30-day trial) from lawyers for the ability to access premium features like video chat, internal payments, and more. At the moment, the startup says that they have more than 500 lawyers using the platform.

What is immediately evident about Jurato is that they are currently focused primarily on German speakers, as they only operate a German-language version of their website. While they are concentrating on becoming established in Germany, Jurato is also thinking a bit about expanding into other markets. There does not appear to be a timetable at the moment, but the startup says that they are considering moving into areas such as Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, and elsewhere.

Recently, we noted that the ProSieben accelerator, managed by the media group of the same name, was accepting applications for their latest class. Well, Jurato was one of the first to complete the accelerator’s program when it joined the second class, when it “graduated” in November 2013. In addition to ProSieben, Jurato claims funding from the Ebner Verlag publishing house and an angel who is described as an attorney and partner at a renowned corporate law firm. Together, they have invested a sum “in the mid-six digits” (Euro) last year.

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