Wheelys allows you to live out your dream of owning a mobile coffee shop

wheelys-coffeeMost of us probably do not grow up dreaming about owning a bike-powered coffee shop. But for those who might, you are in luck, as Swedish startup Wheelys has developed a full-featured store that offers just such an opportunity.

At the moment, the bike available through their website (the Wheelys 1.2, they call it) offers features that include WiFi-capability, running water, chilled storage, and even an LCD display. The bike itself may be powered by foot (duh), but the compartments for the ingredients rely on solar power (including a battery), as Wheelys seems to love highlighting their commitment to saving the environment. Wheelys is not just a hardware startup, however, as they are also in the process of developing an app, which they are billing as a tool that will allow customers to order coffee online from one of the carts.

The shop that Wheelys has created is not cheap, as it will currently set you back $2,899 in order to pick one up, but it is more of an investment than a purchase. Wheelys offers prospective owners the ability to sell coffee, soft drinks, fruits, and some pastries, but anything beyond that is up to the end-user.

In addition to the actual truck, Wheelys says that users who are willing to pay $150 monthly can access an online network that provides help with building a website or app, assists in running social-media sites, offers PR help, offers tips of the best spot to open up shop, offers deals on cups napkins, and other products, and offers legal advice.

Despite having only launched last year, Wheelys has already started shipping worldwide, telling me that they have thus far sold more than 100 units to 20 countries.

Earlier this year, Wheelys conducted a very successful Indiegogo campaign, which raised more than $150K (253% of their original goal). They may soon obtain further funding, however, as their team was recently accepted into the well-known Y Combinator program in Silicon Valley.

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