Turkish government bans Twitter… again! [Updated]

twitter-banIt’s not shocking already seeing the Turkish governmental institutions switches the access to social networks, mainly to Twitter, on and off in the country. Although there is no official announcement yet, the access to the microblogging site is again blocked by the ISPs who are obliged to implement state orders. We have confirmed that the official order has reached major mobile operators and ISPs.

The ban is reported to be the result of a court order at Suruc, the town where Islamist suicide bombers carried out on 22nd July one of the bloodiest massacres in the country killing 32 young peace activists and heavily injuring another 100, to prevent the spreading of horrifying images and protests via social networks.

The arbitrary internet bans and censors by the Islamist government of Turkey have been on the rise in the country in recent years. Previously they were mostly related to the corruption evidences and criticism spread via social networks.

Update: We found out that Twitter is not the only website that was banned by the court. Almost all social networks including Facebook and YouTube and major news sites are on the list of the blocking decision. Most of them remained accessible as they quickly removed the censored images and pages. Twitter is also expected to remove the banned content and come back to life in the country soon.

Update 2: The ban on Twitter is lifted late afternoon upon the latest ruling of the Suruc court.

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