Tour startup Trip4Real raises €1.5M from the Spanish government

Trip4RealA few weeks ago, we profiled Barcelona-based Trip4Real, a startup which launched two years ago and allows travelers to connect with local experts when on vacation.

It has been a big year for them, as they expanded beyond their home Spanish market and partnered with Now, they are ready to announce that they have picked up additional funding, obtaining 1.5 million Euro from the Spanish Ministry of Tourism. This becomes the latest round for Trip4Real, which previously raised 1 million Euro in seed funding last June from local investors Caixa Capital Risc and Kibo Ventures. With this latest backing, Trip4Real intends to continue to expand internationally, particularly into markets like Berlin, Prague, and Istanbul, for starters, while also rolling out new product features.

Trip4Real reports that they currently offer 4,000 activities in cities like London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Rome, in addition to operating in dozens of cities in Spain.In keeping up with a recent trend, Trip4Real operates by partnering with regular people seeking to earn a bit of cash on the side. The startup says that people willing to conduct tours can earn between 100-1,000 Euro per month, which can act as a nice supplement to their regular income. For their part, Trip4Real takes a 14.5 percent commission on each transaction that they process.

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