Soundtrap turns your iPad into a recording studio

soundtrapGrowing up, there are probably many out there who fantasize about becoming a rock or country music star, but it takes money, persistence, and a lot of talent to turn that dream into a reality. Swedish startup Soundtrap might not be able to help with the latter two issues, but they can assist with the first, offering a platform that allows people to turn their laptops into a full-fledged recording studio.

The concept behind Soundtrap is pretty basic, as they offer software that allows users to record audio (whether vocals or a particular instrument) and then add in special effects and edit as they please. The startup also helpfully offers a number of tutorial videos for those who want to dive in and start making music, but might be unsure as to what they are doing. Soundtrap highlights the fact that the service is available across platforms, so it should work fine with your Mac or on Windows, Linux, Chromebooks, Android tablets, and iPhones.

Soundtrap offers 3 packages, the free, “pro” ($4.99/month or $3.99/month on annual basis), and “premium” ($9.99/month or $7.99/month on annual basis) levels. The packages all allow users to record live audio, use basic software instruments, add effects, and import/export tracks, while the main difference is the the number of loops, projects, and instruments used by the user. For a lot of basic users, it seems that the free level will do nicely, but they offer a 30-day trial for the paid packages and it may be worth checking out.

Soundtrap pushed out their MVP in beta in Q4 2013 and then began to unveil new features early last year. The platform proved to be quite popular, growing from 20K to 120K users in just the past 5 months. The service left beta early last week, with the startup simultaneously announcing that they have picked up $1 million in seed funding from an undisclosed backer, which they intend to use to continue to push their product to American schools (they already partner with 150).

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