Roto Fitness prepares crowdfunding campaign for handheld drink-mixer

roto-shakerWhether you are attempting to lose weight or want a post-workout drink, a shake is frequently a nice choice. Depending on where you are, however, it may not be possible to quickly mix the ingredients together and get that drink. Dutch startup Roto Fitness believes that they have an answer, preparing to manufacture a thermos-like device that acts as a handheld mixer for people on the go.

The container, which is 240mm tall and weighs 195g, is capable of holding up to 680ml of liquid and has a small motor in the bottom, which is recharged by USB. It is essentially a handheld mixer, allowing users to pour in powder and water or milk, put on the cap, and then press a button at the bottom to stir the drink. The container includes a wrist strap, so it should ostensibly be pretty simple to hold on to the device while you stir up your drink. Those who decide to help crowdfund the device will also receive an additional container for powder and vitamins. The number of color options are pretty limited at this point, with choices like crystal white, blue ocean, magenta, and lemon green available.

It is not a particularly expensive product, soon becoming available to crowdfunding backers for 16 Euro (20 if and when it goes on sale).

Similar to other hardware startups, Roto is turning to crowdfunding with a Kickstarter campaign that will begin on July 23 in an attempt to gauge interest in the product and raise at least 15,000 Euro to begin production. As with most campaigns, there is a risk that they will fall short of their goal. In the event that they do fail, the company says that they will head back to the drawing board and begin to re-think the company’s future.

Serving the backers will naturally be the main focus of the campaign, but, having satisfied the first group, the startup says that they may turn next to creating an online store in order to ship the product worldwide.

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