Splacer goes global with P2P marketplace for event spaces

splacer-screenWe do not frequently come across projects created by more than female founders (sometimes any), but Israeli startup location-marketplace Splacer is one such business. Having already launched in their native market of Tel Aviv last fall, the startup has picked up $1.4 million in seed funding from Carmel Ventures and has gone international, rolling out a beta version of its platform in New York City.

Splacer seems to draw inspiration from services like Airbnb in the sense that they have developed a platform that allows people to rent out spaces, whether it is for meetings, photoshoots, lectures, parties, or popup sales and exhibitions. Finding one of these locations is a matter of filtering through the aforementioned categories or by the number of participants or location required. In checking out spots in Tel Aviv, of which there are 100 (another 80 in NYC), I found that prices vary pretty widely, ranging from $150 to more than $2,000 (and listers are flexible, depending on the number of people and special requests). Clicking on one of the spaces reveals profiles that include star-ratings, a description of the location, a biography for the lister, a list of amenities, accessibility (handicap or car), and the maximum number of participants allowed. It is worth noting that Splacer does not allow just anyone to list properties, but says that they work with local scouts and affiliates, as well as real-estate brokers, interior designers, and photographers to ensure that venues available meet a certain standard. As appears to be standard for marketplaces, Splacer allows people to list their properties for free, instead taking a 15% cut on each transaction that they process.

This latest round is the first for Splacer, founded by the trio of Adi Biran, Lihi Gerstner, and Lior Ash, as they bootstrapped up to this point. Prior to obtaining the funding, they participated in the program at Junction Accelerator, where they were a part of last summer’s class.

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