HundredRooms is a metasearch service for vacation rentals

hundredroomsWith the proliferation of booking sites for vacation rentals, it seems only logical that a service would pop up to do a metasearch of those services, ostensibly providing more options to would-be travelers. Drawing from sites like, Airbnb, HouseTrip, HomeAway,, and Only-Apartments, Spanish startup HundredRooms has done just that, claiming hundreds of thousands of visitors to their meta-portal for finding your next vacation home.

HundredRooms caters to Spanish speakers with a Spanish-only website, but they have already gone international by allowing users to search for vacation rentals in London, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, Florence, Vienna, Bruges, and Mykonos, as well as a handful of cities in the domestic market. Searching for a place in London, I found that you can filter by a variety of amenities (WiFi, pet-friendly, pool, etc.), price, number of rooms, type of rental (home, apartment, etc.), and the type of booking available (on-request, instant, or without confirmation). One of the aspects that I like about their search tool is that the amenities are listed up-front for each property, making it easy to quickly scroll and see which places have everything that you would want. HundredRooms has opted for a hybrid business model, generating revenue by taking commission on sales that they process and on a per-click basis.

One of the most notable aspects about Hundred Rooms is the explosive growth that they have witnessed since they launched in February 2014, now reporting that their site receives 400,000 visitors per month. With 1 million Euro in funding from a group of investors that includes Inveready, Capital Bankinter Riesgo, Media Digital Venture, undisclosed existing partners, and public outlets like Enisa and Segittur (the breakdown is 70% private and 30% public), which they picked up last week, they are planning to expand across the ocean and into the UnIted States and Latin American markets.

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