Call-management and phone support service Aircall claims over 300K users

aircallFor a lot of startups, expanding across the globe is one of the ultimate goals. There is a lot that goes into establishing operations in various countries and setting up phone numbers is one of them. Based out of Paris, aims to provide its users with a portal through which they can set up an entire call center and manage global operations from their home base.

One of the aspects of the platform that sticks out is the number of features available to users. After creating numbers for any of 30 different countries, the system allows users to direct calls as they see fit, offering options like queueing, click-to-call, opening hours, the able to call customers from any number, custom music and greetings, and more. Having set the system up, there is the open of having a shared inbox, sharing contacts, forwarding calls to cell phones, and so forth.

Their prices vary, depending on the plan selected and the duration of the order. At the cheaper end, plans start at $29 or $35 per month (the former if you choose the annual plan), but quickly jump to $99/$119 per month and then to $379/$479 per month. The difference between the plans is mainly in the number of phone-numbers included, the number of users, and features like analytics, click-to-call, and the type of support available.

For the moment, the service is largely Euro-centric, but they also offer access to numbers in a handful of North and South American countries, as well as several countries in Asia and the Pacific. They do offer service in South Africa, but that’s it for that continent.

Aircall emerged from eFounders, a startup studio in Paris, in June 2014. What is notable about this startup is that they achieved a great deal of growth before turning to external investors. At the beginning of this month, the startup announced that they had taken in $800K in new funding from a group of investors that includes Newfund and a handful of private investors. Aircall has already gone global, announcing that they have reached the 300,000-customer mark, but they are now planning to put the funds towards finalizing their iOS app and further establishing their presence in markets like the United States, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, as well as their native France.


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