KNYTTAN hopes that customers will pay a premium for high-end, customized clothing

knyttanWhile many startups are focused on dropping prices in order to attract a high number of users, some are willing to price their wares quite highly, believing that there are people willing to dole out a lot of cash for quality and custom creations. Such is the case with British clothing-manufacturer KNYTTAN, which launched last year in an attempt to offer customers the opportunity to leave their mark on high-end items that they will buy and wear.

In order to get started with the platform, users pick out a type of clothing, whether it’s a jumper, scarf, or blanket scarf, and proceed to pick out a pattern (with the name of the designer listed), gender for the clothing, and a size. And then, the fun begins, as users have the option of selecting a color combination and pattern type. In some cases, users can even use the cursor to create their own pattern. As if it was not already clear, KNYTTAN is big on customization and gives customers the option of having their own name stitched on the tag, as well as a number to indicate when the item was produced (number 1 is the first item that they ever created). Notable about this retailer is that they are proud to say that all of the items are produced in Britain, with customers even able to watch the process in action, as opposed to being created in some far-away sweatshop.

As a fair warning, the items produced by KNYTTAN are hardly cheap, with jumpers going for 200 pounds, scarves costing 80 pounds, and blanket scarves setting you back 160 pounds. Still, it may be worth for the comfort and uniqueness of an item that you have personally designed.

KNYTTAN launched in October 2014 and, until this April, maintained a physical store in London. The startup tells me that they are currently are planning to find new pop-up spaces or retail collaboration opportunities later this year. Just recently, KNYTTAN announced that they have pulled in 2 million pounds in new funding from a group that includes Connect Ventures and a host of private backers. The startup intends to use the funding, in part, to expand their team in order to keep up with demand.

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