PopChef delivers meals that cost under 10 Euro in less than 15 minutes

popchef-screenFast food and food-delivery are hardly new concepts, but French startup PopChef, which launched in January, aims to put their own spin on it, boldly aiming to deliver high-quality meals (using ingredients crafted that day) in just 15 minutes and for under 10 Euro.

Meals created by PopChef, which can go for 11.90 or 9.90 Euro, depending on the item, are created from the freshest ingredients and change on a daily basis. The founders behind PopChef are not just standing around and barking orders, either, as they are currently the ones who are getting their hands dirty and preparing meals for delivery. One of the cool aspects of this particular startup is that they are not only committed to serving healthy meals, but are also pretty environmentally-conscious, serving their dishes in package that is made from sugarcane and 100% biodegradable. A particularly interesting aspect of this startup is that they only operate from 11:30-14:00 and are closed on the weekends. In order to obtain the menu, users submit their email address and then it shipped to their inbox daily.

As indicated, the startup only launched at the beginning of this year, deciding to go live at the winter Paris Founders Event. Francois Raynaud de Fitte, one of the PopChef co-founders, tells me that they have attracted “thousands” of customers, with twice as many users. The service, which remains in beta, is currently only available to customers ordering from within this area in central Paris, as indicated in red on the map.

The startup has decided not to release the amount that they have raised, but do say that their funding comes from a trio of French heavy-hitters, a group that includes billionaire Xavier Niel, Marc Simoncini, and Jacques-Antoine Granjon, who each invested through their respective VC firms, as well as a couple of other private investors.

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